Social Responsability

FOOTPRINTS Project - Cooperation Agreement between MEDUCA – Petroport

Petroport – MEDUCA Training and Motivation Program for students, teachers, and parents in the city of Colon, is our way of actively participating in the development of young people and the creation of families strengthened by parents committed to the education of their children, and teachers who understand that they are architects of the lives of these young people who are fortunate to be students, consolidating Educational Excellence in Panama; through Keynote Lectures: “How to be a Dolphin in a Sea of Sharks”, “How To Be the Father We Should Be” and “The Teacher As An Architect of Lives.”

The conference is given by Jose Quijada in major schools of higher education in the province of Colon. Since 2013 we have introduced more than 2,500 students, 300 parents, and 200 teachers.